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Re: Recast of DS9 with ENTERPRISE's actors & actresses.

Eh... I couldn't see it. I can't deny that I am a "DS9 purist", though.

I will say that - although I didn't like Enterprise at all - the actors were not really among the reasons for that. I think that they were pretty good, on the whole. But I can't really see anyone in any of the DS9 roles except those who were already in those roles, cause IMO DS9 had no weak links, acting-wise.

Scott Bakula as Archer... he's the reason I said "on the whole" when saying that Enterprise had good acting. He is not a bad actor. In fact, he's pretty good. But in my opinion, he was a terrible choice for a Starfleet captain. He does not have at all the right presence for that role. It's the same as how I felt about George Clooney as Batman in Batman and Robin. Clooney is a fantastic actor. But he made a positively awful Batman. It just didn't mesh well, him in that costume, with those lines... Granted, that was a laughably bad movie in just about every way, so maybe that's not a great example. But you get the idea.
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