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Re: Joss Whedon and the blurry line between homage and appropriation

The fact that the Mandarin/Cantonese the actors were allegedly speaking was horribly pronounced is admitted to on the commentary tracks of the DVDs.
You'd expect whatever the source material was for the language to be garbled to a large degree. Of course, we shouldn't be able to understand the English they're speaking any better than we understand Shakespearean dialogue, peppered with slang, allusions and puns that no longer make sense without access to footnotes. Ideally, Firefly's dialogue should have been near-nonsense with subtitles (that would have saved the Nielsens, no doubt).

I wouldn't at all mind some Asian actors if they can get the likes of James Kyson Lee, Daniel Dae Kim and Ken Leung. But those guys tend to get work anyway, don't they? James Kyson Lee in particular needs a better show, unless Bryan Fuller can really turn things around and give the poor guy something to do for a change.

There was also that guy on Surface. Remember him? Ian Anthony Dale - IMDB lists a role on Dollhouse anyway. He had a certain spark to him; I think he could handle a lead role in his own series.
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