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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

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Thanks for the update, I really, really don't remember that scene. I must have been in the bathroom or something.

So basically what this means is that Richard Alpert took advantage of psychotic kid to do his murdering for him. Nice.
Not really.
I'm not sure how else to take it. Maybe you can elaborate what you mean? The way I see it is, they had a truce, Richard meets with Ben, figures out the kid "ain't right" and later uses him to wipe out Dharma.

You should watch the episode, as it's the whole thing and not just one or two scenes. It sounds like you might have missed an episode. Do you remember Ben's birth? Or his little girlfriend Annie?.
Oh I definitely saw the episode, I remember the birth, Annie, the gassing, etc. Just not the dead mother and Richard Alpert scene.
Richard didn't use Ben, Ben wanted to do it for his own purposes. He had a drunk father and wanted to be with his mother, and sided with the Hostiles, he gassed his own father in the van remember, Richard didn't make him do anything, Ben volunteered to join the Hostiles, he wanted to kill everyone.
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