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Re: Recast of DS9 with ENTERPRISE's actors & actresses.

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Scott Bakula as Commander/Captain Benjamin L. Sisko

Brian Bonsall as Jake Sisko*

Jolene Blaylock as Major Kira Nerys

Linda Park as Lt. Com Jadzia Dax

John Billingsley as Odo

Dominic Keating as Dr. Bashir

Connor Trineer as Chief Miles O'Brien

Anthony Montgomery as Quark

Dean Spockwell as Admiral Ross (later seasons)
Interesting list...I think Trineer as O'Brien and Billingsley as Odo would work the best, since they seemed to be the most capable and versatile actors from Enterprise. Bakula as Sisko would be interesting, but I don't think he has the intense "presence" that Avery Brooks conveyed, especially during emotional moments like in "Rapture" or "Far Beyond The Stars."

I'm also wondering why you keep spelling Dean Stockwell's name wrong like you always do in the BSG forum...are you gunning for a Trek connection with "Spockwell?"
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