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Re: Regenerative Shields

Well has to be kept in mind that, in actual engineering, "regenerative" is almost always used in the context of recapturing waste energy and diverting it to a useful purpose. Regenerative cooling in rocket engines, for example, pumps the actual rocket propellant through the nozzle as a coolant before pumping that heated coolant into the combustion chamber, now at slightly higher temperature and pressure to (in some cases) get more thrust from the engine overall. In the case of regenerative shields, this should produce a deflector system that is just about impossible to overload and almost never looses strength except from constant prolonged punishment.

That being said, the Enterprise-E most likely does not have regenerative shielding; the prototype Prometheus class had it, which makes the technology basically irrelevant since the USS Power Ranger is unlikely to be mass produced and is therefore a throwaway design.
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