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^Yeah, 'cause musket smoke is a big problem on spacecraft...
Hey, you've seen how those consloes spark and blow up!

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I like the idea of the shoulder rank in TMP, but it was pretty hard to see except at close range, something a little larger would be more useful.
"If you notice the tabs at the shoulders they are new also. They are a device which tells by color what a person's job or designation onboard ship is. For example, gold for security, green for medical, etc. Gene [Roddenberry] felt it was more important to indicate a person's job rather than his rank." - ST:TMP costume designer Robert Fletcher as interviewed in Fantastic Films (February, 1980).
That makes sense. And as I think about it, the collar rank devices worn by the USN aboard ship today are not distinguishable from much of a distance, either. Criticism withdrawn!

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