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Re: Legend of the Seeker - The Most Under Rated Series?

I watch the show, but neither the characters nor the overall story have grabbed me in any significant way. The episodes I have liked best have been ones that focus on guest characters - like "Puppeteer" or the one with the boy who could read minds. I'm really having a hard time pinning down why I haven't gotten into the series like I thought I would. I think I'm discovering that my tolerance for straight fantasy is dwindling as I get older.

I think maybe another part of its lack of appeal is that the series isn't doing much to develop the characters -- or rather that what they ARE doing isn't really landing. Each week they are presented with a challenge -- they face it, defeat it (usually with the aid of convenient plot devices -- a box, a spell, a potion), and move on. The only character development has been the romance between Richard and Kahlan, which to my mind has been sudden and rather unfounded in anything other than shared peril.

I'm willing to stick with it, though, and see if it grows into something more appealing.
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