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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

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I especially like the scene towards the end with Jack and Sawy...uh...I mean LaFleur. The tension was palatable and conveyed genuine ambivalence the characters have for eachother even more so now than before. And because I always like when Sawyer puts Dr Self-Righteous in check.
To clear something up, did you mean "palpable," as opposed to "palatable?"

As far as the connection between Lil' Ben and Sayid, I'm not entirely certain that Ben would have known about Sayid earlier in the series. The way that this season has shown time travel memory to work is that, upon finding something out, that memory, in essence, is decoupled from the timeline, and travels to the "present." So, if anything, when Ben finally comes to on the Hydra Island, he would instantly be aware that Sayid is in the past.
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