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Re: oldBSG found Earth?

a serious answer...

I agree with ManontheWave that if they were just to show up and land on present day Earth, that this would be bad. The colonials (in both versions) represent a culture plagued by unending war against a foe that doesn't know the meaning of compromise or cooperation (perhaps literally in the case of oldBSG toasters). All the major powers (and the minor ones too) would want their advanced technology and would warm up to them as allies, and the ones outside the loop would demonize them.

Then there's the problem of parking several thousand refugees somewhere on a planet who's resources are already stretched out. Then there's the religious problem, an alien culture dropping down in the middle of our world would be too much proof positive against so many religious beliefs--some if not many might be pushed off the edge.

G'80 for all it's myriad faults, got this one right. Maybe the colonials could just contact Al Gore as an ally .
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