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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

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We finally meet Radzinsky! I already don't like this guy. I have a feeling that by the end of the season I'll be praying for him to become that stain on the ceiling of the Swan!
I grinned when I heard his name, and throughout I could see his death being less suicide and more Kelvin getting really bored of him

DeafPoet wrote: View Post
I don't know where this is going with Sayid and Young Ben. Sadly we didn't get any promos this week. I have a feeling that someone needs to brief Sayid on the rules of time travel though. Since I get the feeling he's going to attempt something rash.
Without Faraday's knowledge Sawyer has to keep control of the timeline. He may be more easily swayed to make changes. Though I can see Sayid using his image as a hostile to perhaps 'out' Ben as their recruit. He could easily manufacture a story and win favour by saying he opposed the breach of the treaty and their plans, which is why they had him in handcuffs... and now he's escaped to reveal all.

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I just read all the hubub about the mystery chick standing behind Sun in cabin scene, and I think it's a blooper. Although I didn't notice that the smoke monster enters the room in that scene in the background, which is pretty cool. But considering how it looks at normal brightness levels I think the woman is either a crewperson, or the reflection of a crewperson.
That looks too much like Claire to be a mistake. It's not a reflection and if someone was sitting in frame like that I'm sure someone would go all Christian Bale on them.

I have to admit, when I saw the light go on in the cabin I thought it might have been Faraday after travelling back to the future. I really didn't expect Christian to reveal himself to anyone else.

Overall... pretty good. It's nice to see Sawyer laying down the law and showing he's in control. I quite liked the Churchhill line and how he compared his management style to Jacks.

Lots of little moments with naming Ethan, seeing someone maybe figuring out that Jack and Kate aren't supposed to be there and everything everyones pointed out so far. Good stuff.

The Ben reveal was something I was waiting for, but the big thing for me was seeing Jack as 'Workman' as now he'll be working along side Roger, which is a name Hurley might recognise.

Interesting to see where it all goes now. And still very disturbing seeing no beard on Frank.
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