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TMP's uniforms

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the transfer process to videotape badly washed out the colors, so if you saw it on tape, then you weren't seeing the uniforms as they looked on film.
and Data Holmes wrote:
The little details were lost, and are still not as present on the DVD.
On May 12th you will be able to see TMP on Blu-Ray disc.
HD has 10x the color depth and 6x the resolution of DVD. If you have already seen TOS on HDDVD you will see the level of detail in the TOS uniforms in HD. If not then on April 28th you can see TOS on Blu-ray.
Just make sure the HD monitor you view it on is not set to VIVID but some sort of STANDARD or CINEMA picture quality. On Sony LCD HD screens VIVID uses the maximum settings for contrast and saturation and cranks the brightness up.
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