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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

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That pilot being impaled is a reminder of the cost of getting the Oceanic Six back to the island. Hopefully it's for a good reason, otherwise they got a couple of people killed for nothing.
I wouldn't be surprised if they reveal he was a Widmore or Dharma guy.

Gave it an Average. An ok episode.

One of my favorite parts was how quickly that one survivor asked the right questions, like why are there buildings over there and an island a short ways away. Granted he's on the smaller island with the higher building density, but still. Similarly I liked Sawyers speech to Jack since he finally called him on a lot of his bullshit.

I thought the lil Ben thing at the end was super lame, I hope they go somewhere cool with that.

The rest was kind of uninteresting to me. Not really interested in the new love triangle... er square, or what's happening with Sun at the moment.

So Faraday is gone huh? Maybe he goes back to civilization and get's a sex change to BECOME his mother! If he were adopted he could get a plastic surgeon to make him look like a picture of his mom that he has in his wallet. Talk about crazy paradoxes.

Too bad they already showed the origin of the roger corpse in the van, otherwise they could have made one of the losties be the corpse.

I wonder if the flash didn't take Sun back because she's evil now.

After doing all that work to get rid of the background survivors, they've now added like ten more random ones.

I just read all the hubub about the mystery chick standing behind Sun in cabin scene, and I think it's a blooper. Although I didn't notice that the smoke monster enters the room in that scene in the background, which is pretty cool. But considering how it looks at normal brightness levels I think the woman is either a crewperson, or the reflection of a crewperson.
She's so great. I feel like I can almost remember the magical thing I did to make her love me. But I guess I never will.

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