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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

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But taking a step back, and not to overcook the analogy, my consciousness, arising from neurons, does not take the form of a single lead neuron which wants to screw things.
Agreed. But in my model, this is not how the Queen works. The Queen is not just another drone selected by the Collective to speak for the Collective. The queen IS the Collective speaking through a puppet.

It is as though all the neurons in your brain worked together and formed a single mind, and this mind took control of a body (which is exactly what your mind has done).

The Borg Queen concept would have worked better as the consciousness of the Collective itself, without the mediator of a drone (why always female?) anointed as order-bringer, over and above the rest of the drones.
The body we saw used by the queen was just a puppet. It wasn't a "drone" in the sense as Seven of Nine was a drone. The mind controlling this puppet WAS the Collective itself. The Collective is an individual, a single vast mind spread throughout all the drones. And apparently, it identifies as a female, given the type of body it chooses to serve as puppet....
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