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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

Above Average. Definately a good episode, just not as good as some we've had this season and in the past.

Best moment of the episode was Sawyer's smackdown of Jack. He called him out on his past leadership, which is what I've been waiting for someone to do in a long time!

At first when Kate wasn't on the manifest, I thought Juliet had done that on purpose in order to get her locked up, but I see they went in anoter direction!

I loved seeing the Losties reunite. There is no way I can't go 'aah' at a Sawyer/Hurley reunion. Jin and Sun desperately searching for each other is very sweet also.

Is Christian the smoke monster? There seemed to be a bit of a hint with the SFX they play just before they found him. It's good that he's being seen by other people for a change, but I worried for Sun when he asked her to go with him. Just where exactly did Clare go last season?
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