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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

I think Tiberius is right on how we should view how the Queen works in universe.

But taking a step back, and not to overcook the analogy, my consciousness, arising from neurons, does not take the form of a single lead neuron which wants to screw things.

The Borg Queen concept would have worked better as the consciousness of the Collective itself, without the mediator of a drone (why always female?) anointed as order-bringer, over and above the rest of the drones. Logically, the Collective can speak through any drone with a mouth, but its essence is the interaction between drone minds. Technically speaking, the Borg Collective is a program running at a level of higher implementation than the individual consciousnesses of the drones.

And presenting such a mind as ultimately human in scope was so shockingly missing the point that I find it hard to believe that any thought was given to it in the first place. The advent of the Borg Queen in the middle of First Contact was like having V'Ger turn out to be Norman from I, Mudd, out for the revenge for having his head blown up.

The more I think about it, though, the more I come to believe the Borg were undermined as far back as Best of Both Worlds--by incessantly demonizing them, by showing their way of life as nothing but rape and exploitation with nothing more to show for it than some cubes and (eventually) a horny greasy bald woman, the Borg became little more (indeed, a litle less) than Space Zombies in concept and in execution. Any interest I had dissipated when it became clear there was no longer, if there ever was, any ideological and philosophical argument between the Borg and the Federation, but only mere animal survival.

Yet I picked up Destiny. Go figure. I've even almost finished it. The Caeliar were cool.

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