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Re: Castle: "Nanny McDead" 3/16 - Grading & Discussion

Well the plots so far aren't very complicated, in last weeks episode and this episode I figured out what was going on pretty early. That said, this show is entertaining because of Fillion, without him I wouldn't even give it a second thought. However, after seeing both episodes, I think I'll give it a go, might as well. I do hope for Fillions sake the show doesn't get cancelled, he deserves to have a steady job cause he's a good actor, and I'd hate for him to go through two series now that are cancelled.

Lindley in last weeks thread said that this series feels more "Jossy" than Dollhouse does, and I agree with that. Just something about this show that makes it feel that way I guess. This show is more entertaining than Dollhouse at any rate. Normally I wouldn't be interested in this type of show, but with Fillion, I'll watch it when I can.
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