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Re: "She can still outrun us, and outgun us."

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If the Miranda-class has an identical power supply, she is indeed superior in battle. She has a tighter shield envelope and those roll bar phasers look a lot beefier. That might be why the Mirandas were in service in the 24th century while the Constitutions were long gone.
Even though the shield envelope is smaller, wouldn't smaller volume mean less shield generators, smaller power supplies, etc...?
It's going to take more power to spread your shields over a large area than a smaller one, right? If you have the same power supply as a bigger ship, your shields should last longer because they use less power or you can build a greater field-strength for the same power drain. Either way, you have an advantage.

I'm assuming that the warp core is the power supply here.
I understand that. But I was saying that shields are raised through shield generators.

If you have a small ship that has 2 generators, and another larger one that has 5, and they both have the same power supply, the ship with 5 generators will have more powerful shields.

The smaller ship would have more efficient shields (may be faster recharge rate?), but not more powerful ones.
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