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(I'd originally thought another possibility was "one costume designer vs. another," but it was Bob Fletcher in both cases.)
More likely "one director and producer vs. another." Roddenberry obviously had his ideas about what the future should look like, and Robert Wise seemed to be touching on a similar aesthetic to his earlier film The Andromeda Strain. With TWOK, I don't know that Harve Bennett had an opinion one way or the other about the uniforms, but Nick Meyer was obviously in love with that whole Prisoner of Zenda look.
Fletcher has said he'd wanted to go more in the TWOK route on TMP, but he already knew that the previous costumer had been fired because he wasn't doing what Wise wanted, so he did what Wise wanted and stayed.

to me it is just an unsuccessful revisiting of the ANDROMEDA STRAIN look, without the crispness and snap that made the sets and costumes work in that pic (whaddya expect, when you have no way to light the sets without washing out the monitor graphics?)
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