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Re: "She can still outrun us, and outgun us."

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I would imagine that the Miranda-class (at least that particular variant) might be more specialized toward combat than a Constitution-class, given with the added phaser cannons and aft torpedo launchers. The Connies were pretty heavy on scientific, diplomatic, and exploratory missions in addition to combat and so might be a bit more generalized. However, while the Miranda might have a few combat-specialized perks I'm guessing the Connie had more overall power, longer range, and probably more torpedo casings to launch through fewer tubes.
I was actually just thinking along the same lines that the Miranda seems to have many different applications over the years, from unarmed transports to Sisko's scientific Saratoga to apparent power-hitters such as Reliant. So that is important to keep in mind.

Still, it seems like one Miranda can only do one thing well at a time - i.e. the variants I mention above - but that the Constitution is a generalist - jack of all trades, master of none. But I agree that the Reliant is probably generally less powerful and less well-equipped, even if it might be specialized for tactical outings.
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