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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

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What do you guys think?
I think that there are some very good points, and it fits my personal idea about the Borg, just put down better than I could ever have done. It also fit well the established canon, even if in reality I think there wasn't so much though about the decision to include the Queen, just the need to have a face to relate for the occasional movie-goer that would not understand what the Borg were.

But when people say that the Borg Queen was a bad idea, I think they mean more in terms of story and pathos than the actual workings of the hive mind. And in that regards, I agree with them.

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Actually, I think the pettiness of the Queen (and thus the entire Collective) is quite reasonable. The queen is a spoiled little girl who is used to getting her own way all the time. She's selfish and manipulative.

When an individual (And the Collective, when viewed as a single giant mind is certainly an individual) is so powerful that they can get whatever they want whenever they want it, then they are certain to turn out as a spoiled little brat that is happy to manipulate and lie and cheat and do whatever it takes to get their own way.
That is actually very insightful. Never thought that. Bravo.
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