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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

Very interesting thread Tiberius

I agree with your observation(s) & thoughts on the Borg Collective.

The Collective is 1 huge complex brain & consciousness. It is very much like neurons & a, the brain as a whole.

Similar, if not the exact same thing, with hymenopteran insects (ants, bees, wasps, hornets) & isopteran insects (termites). The entire anthill, beehive, wasp or hornet nest, or termite colony, nest or mound is one gestalt consciousness, like the Borg, the xenomorphs of the ALIEN(S) films & the Sandkings of the 90's Outer Limits pilot.

The individual hymenopterans & isopterans are like neurons, as well as arms/legs/etc, & the Queen Hymenopterans/Isopterans are the brain, & also heart as well, of these insect's hive-mind consciousness. Analogous, parallel, if not identical, to the Borg drones relative to the Borg Queen, the xenomorph soldiers/workers relative to the Xenomorph Queen, or the sandking workers/soldiers relative to the Sandking Queen.

Hope my take on all this was useful.

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