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Re: Lost 5x09: "Namaste"

Yet another 3.5/4 which I'm almost always giving this season!

While nothing earth-shattered happened in this episode, I'm still groovin' on seeing Dharma alive and in charge. And the tension of inserting the O3 into Dharma was very good. And we finally meet Radzinsky in the flesh! YEAH! Been waiting for that since the S2 Finale! And we got to see the Flame again... and mention of the Looking Glass... nice.

Nice to see the Ajira crash from Frank's POV. My biggest surprise of the night was the fact that Sun *didn't* get raptured off the plane like the rest of them. Hunh?! Was this just a random factor because they didn't bring Aaron back? Or because Jin made Locke promise not to take her back? Weird.

Geography note: many fan maps put Hydra Island off the southern tip where the Swan is, which I always disagreed with. Thankfully tonight confirms it's on the nothern tip where the Pala Ferry and the Barracks are. Thank you!

Was it just me or did Hydra Island look huuuuuuuuge? I thought it was only supposed to be a square half mile or something, it looked as big as the main Island!

I geeked out when Cerebus made a brief cameo in the trees, but I'm pissed we didn't get a follow through. So is Christian (and Jacob) the same thing as Cerebus then, since he appeared right afterwards with the whispers? And we get confirmation here that Christian has a physical presence, opening doors and holding picture frames and flashlights. So him not helping Locke up in the Donkey Wheel Chamber was just symbolic.

So Amy's baby is Ethan. I actually didn't expect that even though a lot of theories said that. Not important but interesting.

Where has Faraday gone to? Is he just working down in the Orchid?

Notice that Ben was faking his injury? He tossed his cast/sleeve off and had no problem with it and was going to row a boat by himself. Is that just a general purpose deception to make himself appear non-threatening to the O6 on the plane, in light of his injuries from his tussel with Des?
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