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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

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Another negative about the Queen concept is that, up until they showed her, the Borg were more alien. After showing a queen and drones and making them seem like a hive in that way, they no longer seemed as alien - they seemed like a rip-off of bees.

They took something original and "added" something to it that kinda took that away.
Let me start that I am SICK to death of seeing the Borg all the time. They were in TNG, First Contact, and Enterprise, to note a few. I agree that the initial view of the Borg was much more terrifying before the Queen was brought on board.

Battling the Borg was like confronting a herd of grasshoppers. They didn't have a central person you could outmaneuver or trick. You couldn't say, "Look there, That's Raquel Welch," and pull some trick that got you out of a jam. You had no choice but to overpower them force to force.

Every time the Borg showed up, they've been diluted. At first, they just wanted our technology. Then they wanted Picard as their spokesman. Then Lore came along and served as their version of Jerry Falwell. Then the Borg Queen was brought in, and now you had someone to trick and dance your way out of the mess.

Too bad. They were cool at the start.
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