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Re: Which Borg incarnation is freakier? Series or First Contact?

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Two, while I thought that Hugh was an interesting concept, and that the initial Hugh ep (I, Borg) was, on it's own, pretty good, what they did later totally fell flat. Descent was really pretty bad, and sapped a lot of the coolness and creep factor from the Borg.
This is exactly why I can't make up my mind about this poll. When I rewatch TNG, I just skip those "Descent" episodes/pretend they don't exist. They did a disservice both to the Borg and the character of Lore (although the teaser sequence before the opening credits was intriguing). I liked First Contact from start to finish and have nothing but praise for how the Borg were portrayed in it, but at the same time, I think they were much cooler in "Q Who" and "Best of Both Worlds" (despite the budget constraits) due to how effective those episodes were in making them look unstoppable (until the almost too easy rescue of Picard).

I also found Hugh in "I, Borg" to be a more interesting character than The Queen in First Contact, so I think judging the quality between the episodes and the movie, they balance out pretty evenly. The Borg in the movie don't match the intimidation factor of those in the first three Borg episodes or come across as emotionally stimulating as Hugh in "I, Borg", but then again, the movie never cheapens the characters the way those "Descent" episodes did.
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