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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

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Another negative about the Queen concept is that, up until they showed her, the Borg were more alien. After showing a queen and drones and making them seem like a hive in that way, they no longer seemed as alien - they seemed like a rip-off of bees.

They took something original and "added" something to it that kinda took that away.
The presentation of the Queen and how bad guy is she detracts from the emotionless Borg the vast drone army, the Armada of cubes.
With my model, the Borg are like this - until the Queen starts paying attention to you.

As USS_Triumphant states the character should have been much more inpersonal, distant. Being sly, seductive doesn't match/tally with the reality of the remainder of the Borg.
That would have been more mysterious, yes, but any individual that can get whatever she wants whenever she wants it isn't going to be cool and distant and mysterious. She's going to be a spoiled brat. And she'll also be - let's face it - a slut. Exactly what we see in FC.

Also why create the personage of Locustus if there is a representative already in the Queen to speak for the Borg. I know that's a matter of studio/writer decisions afterwards. But surely they could have gone down that line in FC - with another representative chosen - maybe an Admiral / Captain from Wolf, a one time friend of Picard now so alien/Borg in their manner, belief etc. That in my opinion would have been scary and much harder for Picard to contend with, especially considering the lengths gone to by his own crew to rescue him.
I think the Queen's interest in Picard wasn't so much as to have a speaker for the Borg, but rather to exert power over him. It was a rape, after all, and most rapes are a way for the rapist to exert power over the person being raped. And by having Picard speak for the Collective, it is the Queen showing what she has done, and thus exerting that same power over all Humans. Making Humans fear what she has done, and making them fear that they will be next.

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Yes protrayed as a hive mind - but I think the original concept viewers got was a computer link more so than a bee/hornets/wasp colony hive concept.
And the model of the drones connected together does fit that much better than it fits the hive of bees. The insect analogy came about because of the way the drones work together to "perform ship functions".
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