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Re: Which Borg incarnation is freakier? Series or First Contact?

^ Concur with much of what you said. As I stated in another thread most people's gripe with the Queen rests just in how the Borg appeared more scary when faceless - Picard in BoBW talking to a huge empty cavern within the cube. Lines and lines of drones, voices speaking as one. Whoah ... chilling.

Queen? Reduces them to almost a villian of the week status - which is what they became in many people's eyes in Voyager.

Obviously with the movie budget they looked uber cool and scary. But even the lack of budget details in those first appearances actually adds somewhat to the character of the Borg. yes the production values were so much less but as a jolt to the senses when they first showed up.

Amoutated limbs replaceed with cybernetic tools, cybernetic eye pieces, the zombified walk, all helped to cement the feel, character and scare factor of the Borg when we first saw them. Obviously with repeated exposure they inevitably lost their edge. Sad
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