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Re: My views on the Borg Queen

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There is merit in what you outline esp as it could explain in-universe the different faces of the Queen and her apparent death in FC and resurrection in Voyager.

I guess most people's gripe with the Queen rests just in how the Borg appeared more scary when faceless - Picard in BoBW talking to a huge empty cavern within the cube. Lines and lines of drones, voices speaking as one. Whoah ... chilling.

Queen? Reduces them to almost a villian of the week status - which is what they became in many people's eyes in Voyager. [And recent TrekLit]
But this model allows them to keep that force of nature thing as well. After all, just as we have an unconscious mind that exists with out conscious mind, the Borg would have that as well. We know that if you beam aboard a Cube and destroy a distribution node that the Borg will attack you. This is their equivilent of a reflex action. And if they detect a ship with advanced technology, they try to assimilate it. This would require no more thought of the Queen than we need to think about scratching an itch.

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I can buy all that. But I still don't like the Queen the way she manifested. Locutus was a better personal representative of the way I think the collective consciousness would exhibit itself in a single body. The Borg Queen seemed petty, and way too catty. If she had been written and acted as more distant and less personal, like she could see the whole universe in her mind's eye, I think it would've worked a whole lot better.
Actually, I think the pettiness of the Queen (and thus the entire Collective) is quite reasonable. The queen is a spoiled little girl who is used to getting her own way all the time. She's selfish and manipulative. We're all aware that there are spoiled brats out there that shower their parents with love and affection, only to run away and ignore the parents as soon as they get a lollipop. The Queen is the same way. She's so powerful she's used to just taking what she wants, and she expects to always be able to get what she wants without having to pay for it. We saw this in Scorpion. As soon as the Queen got what she wanted, she basically said "Screw you" to Voyager and tried to assimilate the ship.

When an individual (And the Collective, when viewed as a single giant mind is certainly an individual) is so powerful that they can get whatever they want whenever they want it, then they are certain to turn out as a spoiled little brat that is happy to manipulate and lie and cheat and do whatever it takes to get their own way.
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