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My views on the Borg Queen

A lot of people seem to think that the Borg Queen is a bad idea. In TNG, the Borg were portrayed as an unstoppable force of nature that couldn't be reasoned with, but in FC, we saw the Queen. She was unlike any drone we had ever seen. She spoke of herself as an individual, she emoted, and she seemd to have more on her mind than assimilate, assimilate, assimilate. Many people saw this as such as radical departure from the established nature of the Borg that they felt it ruined the Borg.

However, I have given it some thought, and I think I've come up with an explanation that not only shows that the existence of the Queen is plausible, logical and maybe even inevitable, but will also let us understand what the Queen meant in FC when she made those cryptic remarks "I am the Collective", "I bring order to chaos". It will even explain how the queen was able to survive the destruction of the Cube in BoBW.

The first thing we must understand is the nature of the Borg Collective. The Collective (for the purposes of this discussion) is made up of a huge number of drones connected together. They are able to share information among themselves. What one drone knows is quickly spread throughout the entire Collective. The connections between drones should be viewed as being very similar to the connections between neurons (brain cells).

When viewed like this, it is obvious that the Collective is very powerful. It allows for widespread storage and analysis of information - destroy a few drones, and you don't do much damage, because there are still millions of others that can do the job. And we have seen that the Borg are quite willing to sacrifice a drone here and there to gather information, or eliminate a threat.

But it also means that the Collective functions, for all intent and purposes, as a single massive brain. The idea is similar - whether it's neurons in an organic brain connected together, or drones in the Collective connected together.

When viewed like this, it becomes obvious that the Borg drones are the Collective's equivilent of brain cells. Just as a single brain cell by itself is practically useless, a single drone is pretty much useless as well. A single neuron can't experience emotion, neither can a drone. A single neuron isn't an individual, just as a drone isn't.

But when you connect a large number of drones together, you'd get the same sort of results that you'd get by connecting a large number of neurons together. Connect the neurons and you get a conscious mind. And likewise, connect a large number of drones together and you get a conscious mind as well.

I propose that it is this mind that we know as the Borg Queen. The Borg queen is not the body we saw in FC. Rather, the Queen is a mind that controls that body like a puppet and exists seperately to that body. The mind of the Queen is formed by the interactions between all the drones, just as our own minds are formed by the interactions between all the brain cells we have.

Using this point of view, the Queen's claim, "I am the Collective" is easily understood to mean that she is the conscious mind formed by the interactions between the drones just as we are the conscious minds formed by the interactions between all our brain cells.

Likewise, her claim, "I bring order to chaos" is understandable as well. As the conscious mind that can control the actions of the Borg drones, she is able to guide the Collective to the accomplishment of various tasks - assimilate that person, destroy that starship etc.

Thus, the Queen died in FC not when her body was destroyed, but when all the drones were destroyed - she no longer had the drones required to form the Collective, and wihout the interactions of the Drones, the Queen cannot exist. It's the same wit us - if our brain cells are prevented from interacting, who we are ceases to exist. And destroy all our brain cells (just as all the drones were destroyed), and we are prety much dead.

And we can understand how the Queen was able to survive the destruction of the Cube in BoBW. The Body was destroyed, that's all. The mind behind the body lived on.

I've done a lot of thought about this, and I have found it hard to find anything in Trek that can't be explained by this particular model. Some speculation may be required, but it is never a great amount of speculation, and it is always reasonable speculation, I think.

What do you guys think?
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