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I don't get why those parkas were worn on every away mission rather than just ones to ice planets or whatever.
What part of Khan's "It is very cold in space" don't you get? He meant it! Just kidding. (And good "Cage" mention.)

You do touch on a good point... the uniforms in TMP seem to be more "tropical," with very thin (even "package-revealing") fabrics, while the TWOK ones all seem very cold-weather-oriented. Was this a deliberate reflection of the different themes of the two movies ("exploration of the unknown/the meaning of life/creation of new lifeform" vs. "revenge/wrath/death") or just a sign of the times (late 70s vs. early 80s)? (I'd originally thought another possibility was "one costume designer vs. another," but it was Bob Fletcher in both cases.)
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