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The "games are just games" argument is a huge disservice to the power of the medium and reduces a tremendous effort to a series of metaphorical dick jokes.
Folks aren't suggesting that games can't be racist, or that it's okay for games to be racist because they're "just games", they're suggesting that RE5 isn't racist, and I tend to agree with that assessment. Certainly the game doesn't exist in isolation, there's an established cultural and historical context in which it's presented and that context can affect the reactions of players to the game, but that fundamentally remains a concern of the audience, not the game itself. So far as it is or should be a concern for Capcom at all, it's a financial one. Accusations of racism in RE5, or racist intent on Capcom's behalf, can't be supported with reference to RE5 alone. The falling tree does make a sound.
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