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Recast of DS9 with ENTERPRISE's actors & actresses.

Scott Bakula as Commander/Captain Benjamin L. Sisko

Brian Bonsall as Jake Sisko*

Jolene Blaylock as Major Kira Nerys

Linda Park as Lt. Com Jadzia Dax

John Billingsley as Odo

Dominic Keating as Dr. Bashir

Connor Trineer as Chief Miles O'Brien

Anthony Montgomery as Quark

Dean Spockwell as Admiral Ross (later seasons)

In tribute to Quantum Leap, when Admiral Ross comes in during The War, his nickname is "Al". Sometimes folks call Ross "Big Al" for his take-no-prisoners, no horse hockey mentality.

Bakula's Sisko served as Spockwell's Admiral Ross's 1st Officer fighting the Tzenkethi. Sisko's nicknames back then were "Sam", most of the time, & "Sammo Fun" on the battlefield.

Admiral Ross calls Ben "Sam" to most folks' confusion. Admiral Ross & Sisko often speak fondly of a mutual friend back in San Francisco whose a master statistician for Starfleet Command (nick)named Ziggy. Ziggy sends Ross mission probability projections which he shares with Sisko.

Ziggy's voice is provided by Deborah Pratt.

What would this DS9 had been like?

All opinions/views welcome.

*I know! He wasn't on ENT was he

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