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Re: Legend of the Seeker - The Most Under Rated Series?

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Not nearly as talented! I admit Lucy Lawless ain't bad, but Kevin Sorbo a great actor is NOT and Renee O'Connor has absolutely no talent in my opinion ( which admittedly is just my own).

I did enjoy seeing Michael hurst on LOTS though, I always thought Iolaus was the best part about Hercules.
Lucy Lawless is a brilliant character actress, a gifted chameleon able to transform herself seemingly effortlessly (a skill that was made extensive use of with all the Xena lookalikes and alternate personas of Xena she portrayed). Michael Hurst, as I believe I said, is one of New Zealand's most acclaimed stage actors; his Hamlet is considered definitive. Renee O'Connor was quite good, I thought; she was certainly effective at adapting to the profound changes her character went through over the course of the series. As for Sorbo, he's not great when he's allowed to get self-indulgent, but at his best he's quite effective, certainly better than you'd expect a big square-jawed muscleman type like him to be.

As for the LotS cast, Bruce Spence is pretty good, though not particularly subtle; but the two younger leads are fairly limited. At best they're roughly on Sorbo's average level.
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