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Re: Transformers: Animated returns

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My son loves this show and I think it's pretty good myself, have the first two seasons been released on DVD yet by any chance?
Yes, both season one and two are on DVD.

The opening battle actually referenced a lot of different Generations. If you look at who was in it:

Rodimus (G1)
Brawn (G1)
Ironhide (G1)
Hot Shot (Armada)
Red Alert (G1-Armada hybrid reference)

Cyclonus (G1)
Blackout (Movie 2007)
Spittor (Beast Wars and RiD)
Strika (Beast Machines)

The Cosmic Rust reference was awesome too!

I was also tickled that a Headmaster AND Action Master were referenced in the same sequence later on.

Awesome stuff indeed.
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