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Re: Legend of the Seeker - The Most Under Rated Series?

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I'm glad it's not really cheesy or filled with totally fluffy action scenes where people are chopping off heads left and right and not batting an eyelash. I never watched Xena or Hercules, and though I hear they were fun--and long-running!--shows, I don't think the total camp factor would be to my taste. I like that Legend of the Seeker has a more serious tone.
Not really. Yes, Hercules and Xena could go to really zany places when they went for comedy, but when they went for drama it was some of the most intense, compelling, gut-wrenching stuff you've ever seen. Either way they went, they pulled out all the stops and weren't afraid to take chances. There was a daring and exuberance to it that was admirable even when the chances they took didn't quite turn out right. Legend of the Seeker is much more middle-of-the-road. It doesn't have their uninhibited goofiness, but it doesn't have their dramatic boldness and passion either. And the cast isn't nearly as talented.
Not nearly as talented! I admit Lucy Lawless ain't bad, but Kevin Sorbo a great actor is NOT and Renee O'Connor has absolutely no talent in my opinion ( which admittedly is just my own).

I did enjoy seeing Michael hurst on LOTS though, I always thought Iolaus was the best part about Hercules.
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