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Re: Which Borg incarnation is freakier? Series or First Contact?

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The Borg were at their freakiest in the episodes "Q-Who?" and "Best of Both Worlds I & II". After that they -- for me -- they lost their mystique.

Then they kind of reclaimed it for First Contact, but they were still not as scary as they were in those first three episodes.

I think Hugh really did a lot to kill them for me.
Agreed. But what made them especially scary was the music in "Q Who?" and especially "BOBW"; it made your skin crawl!
Your damned right! You can thank the awesome talents of Mr. Ron Jones for those. And what did he get as a reward for his outstanding efforts?

Firing. Fired by Rick Berman.

Why doens't that surprise me? After all, it's same man who gave "a Valentine Massacre Day" to the fans.
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