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I was wondering if the show would ever come back. Anyway, I saw the first two parts and what they're doing with Sari is pretty fascinating stuff. I'm surprised that they made her so accepting of her situation though. I was also surprised to see a character called "Rodimus" who's supposed to be this show's version of Rodimus Prime. I hope we see more of him.
Yeah he was great. In fact that first battle was just excellent - and also featured a cameo by an "Animated" version of Brawn, which was fun. As for Sari, that's probably a result of it being a kid's show - a kid with powers is kind of a wish fulfillment thing in this context - rather than an "oh God what's happening to me!?" scenario like it would be in real life.
Ironhide also made an appearance.
That's true, but he'd been in the show before, so I sort of forgot that he was a G1 reference - I love his Colossus like power though.
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