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Re: Trek Tabletop RPG Experiences

Most of the players in both our campaigns were generally familiar with Star Trek, but I was probably the alpha geek when it came to knowing Trek details. I think this is why I ended up captain in both campaigns, although I was more or less dragged into the role the second time around. I found that if the GMs wrote good, hard story lines that were character oriented and paid less attention to the techno-gee-whizzery, it was easier for those less Trek immersed to play. Of course, they would learn more as the game progressed. When it was my turn to GM, I tried to follow that rule.

I had forgotten about the Triangle until now. We played a bit in that too. I seem to recall "borrowing" (ok, I stole it outright) some of the plot elements from Hunt for Red October and have a new Klingon ship trying to defect in the Triangle. Sadly, it was a tolerable idea that wasn't executed as well as it might of been. In retrospect, I rate that game and my GMing effort as my personal Nemesis.
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