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Re: Transformers: Animated returns

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I was wondering if the show would ever come back. Anyway, I saw the first two parts and what they're doing with Sari is pretty fascinating stuff. I'm surprised that they made her so accepting of her situation though. I was also surprised to see a character called "Rodimus" who's supposed to be this show's version of Rodimus Prime. I hope we see more of him.
Yeah he was great. In fact that first battle was just excellent - and also featured a cameo by an "Animated" version of Brawn, which was fun. As for Sari, that's probably a result of it being a kid's show - a kid with powers is kind of a wish fulfillment thing in this context - rather than an "oh God what's happening to me!?" scenario like it would be in real life.
Ironhide also made an appearance.
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