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Re: Legend of the Seeker - The Most Under Rated Series?

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I'll agree with that--the wackiness totally turned me off Xena and Hercules. I see why other people found it appealing and it could be quite watchable at times, but on the whole I found the constant tongue-in-cheek hardy-har-har humor a bit much. Enough already! I like that this is more serious in tone.
That's like saying you don't like Neapolitan ice cream because of the constant strawberry flavor. That's just one part of the whole. Legend of the Seeker is more serious than H/X's comedy, but a lot less serious than H/X's drama. It's not more serious overall, just more vanilla.
Actually, I don't like Neapolitan because of the strawberry flavor. It totally messes with the chocolate and vanilla, and it's all you can taste. Blech! Even though I like the vanilla and the chocolate, why would I waste my money on a thing that I will not enjoy 1/3 of?* I would just buy the chocolate or the vanilla and enjoy the whole tub, right? So yeah, I'd equate that with my feeling on Hercules, Xena, and LoTS almost perfectly. You don't like LoTS, I do--it's the chocolate for me. I find the tone more enjoyable. It's my Saturday afternoon treat. No biggie. Different strokes, and all that.

*Sorry, terrible grammar, I know.

ETA: Any thoughts on how they will resolve this season? I am wondering if they will stretch out the main plot points of the book (ie the mission to kill Rahl) over all the seasons, or if that will resolve earlier on and they will diverge onto new ground in later seasons. I haven't read the books, so I really don't know how much ground there is to cover or if there is a continuing storyline after the initial quest (or even if/how it is resolved) or not.
Thank god for weird people.
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