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I just think if it's on the screen...or rather an should have a purpose that serves the script.

about pointless and unused technology attached to characters.
I realize this thread is under ST:TMP but is your argument only for a feature film or if they are wearing it on a TV series for say 4 episodes and then in episode 5 if it is used according to a plot point in the script wouldn't it be proper as part of their uniform tools?

A TriCorder is usually used on a planet but on say Voyager a medical Tricorder is not used by the doctor until it is needed.
Nah, I was just talking about in the context of TMP. Now if it was used in a series...we'd probably see the thing used at some point. That, I could get behind...

Or they should have kept those uniforms for the other films. You know, they could have had McCoy check the reading on the thing after the Ceti Eel leaves Chekov in TWOK...something like that would have been cool.
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