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It's useless and unused because it contributed NOTHING to the plot/script. What was the point? We didn't even see it used. It was just a belt buckle as far as the audience was concerned.
The point is to create a future world with believable texture and detail. There's no story point to the graphic displays on the consoles or the signage around the ship, but that doesn't mean it was wrong to go to the trouble of working out in detail how the consoles functioned and writing detailed instructions on the signage even though it would be too small for the camera to read. It's good filmmaking to incorporate a level of detail beyond what's significant to the story, because it creates the sense of a larger, fuller world that the story is just visiting.

And I thought the belt monitors looked cool. They didn't "take away" from the uniforms. They looked futuristic and functional, like they served a purpose, even if it wasn't clear what the purpose was. They were certainly better than all those useless metal pins and gold braid and frippery on the TWOK uniforms, which were obviously just decorative.
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