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Do you really believe it was that and not simply more of Roddenberry's teenage male approach to sex through which he tried to shoehorn as much cheap romance novel crap into Trek as he could? I suspect the latter.
Why on Earth couldn't it have been both?

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I would not have had that useless and unused bio-monitor on the belly either.
Just because the perscan technology wasn't described in dialog doesn't mean that the devices were "useless and unused" considering that they were directly inspired by NASA's biobelt instrumentation developed for the Apollo Program. When one takes into account that starship crewmembers are routinely exposed to alien biospheres on a more or less weekly basis while on a 5YM the necessity of just such an uninterrupted biotelemetry system should become self-evident.


It's useless and unused because it contributed NOTHING to the plot/script. What was the point? We didn't even see it used. And it took away from the uniforms and was probably kind of distracting to the audience "What is that black box on their bellies?"

What can I say? I didn't care for them.

Had they been used in the story in some way, I could have gotten past it...but they weren't. I agree, the idea was cool...but it was, basically, an idea that went unused. Christopher's idea above would have been cool.

On Space:1999, year one, they had these wrist monitors. At least those were shown in use in one episode.
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