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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

Here's a great idea!

there was nothing on TV but coin collection shows, (well pretty much anyways) and after I was done thinking about how expensive coin collecting can be (I do have a nice little collection, mostly from other countries though, I have all state quarters but haven't even seen the new presidential dollars yet, believe I know, remember the buffalo nickle? I have two of those, not the three legged error variant, I wish, its like what 2.5mil o.0, so yeah ) and how most of the coins I've collected aren't meant and.....

anyway after I got passed my "collector mode", I thought hey, I know what would be cool, and by know I'd hope you've guessed it!

Star Trek Coins! maybe one honoring the peace Treaties of Khitomer, the Battle of Wolf, The Phoenix, ect.

now I know, the economics of the future aren't based on money... at least in the federation, which may simply leave us with the coins of other races....

but there has to be some some kind of way of placing value, and there must be supply and demand, not everybody can be a scientist or star fleet officer, what about manual labor? sure we have replicators to meet most of our needs, but as the show mentions, there are materials they have as yet, been unable to replicate, and someone has to help but those huge starships together xd, so to "better yourself" and explore may be very poetic, surely there are some rather mundane jobs that need to be done..

but bettering yourself, doesn't just apply to your self but the society you live in as well, and in the various trek games (I don't know if it's cannon) we have Prestige, for service and innovation, this gives us a scapegoat on all levels, and can be applied to any job, the more you work to improve society, to better it, and yourself in the process, the more prestige you earn, the more you can spend on whatever you want.... in this way, the amount somone earns also reflects the advancement of the cultue, everbody has to work togther, the "class gap" is virtually gone, and bettering society does mean available health care and education to everyone, all works out, no callapse...

and the neet thing is, we never see a picture of the pestige, prestige could just be an indication of achievements, or honor, but in all the trek games I have, you use it to accuire new ships and other resources... usually having an overall prestige gained for your carear, and a second area displaying the prestige youv'e gained but haven't spent...

now it's most likely this is all electronic but.... I'm sure physical prestige could be requested, and hey we could even do bills and checks here..

but even if they have no such system, with the popularity of coin collecting and the historical events they can reflect... I'm sure we'd at least have non-monetary commemerative coins... which reminds me, I want that new Obama coin
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