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Re: Vessel dimensions & masses

JNG, I am not sufficently tech-savvy to post links (I know it's probably pathetically easy, but I don't have one of my sarcastic teenagers here to help me), but if you look at the Sovereign article in the Starship Database section of Ex Astris Scientia, at, they discussed the Nemesis changes there but gave no figures on new height.

Also, folks, per the cutaway posters (from 1993 on the Enterprise-D and 1996 on the Enterprise-E)...

Galaxy-class...464.25 meters long x 467.0 wide x 137.5 tall, and 397,805 tons (!)

Sovereign-class...685 meters long x 250 wide (214 across the nacelles) x 88 tall, and 3,205,000 tons.
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