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That does happen but they're not really attacking her, they're forcing her to take a parasite and become a zombie. You're then forced to kill all of them.

Actually I'm pretty sure the same thing happens a little bit earlier with a black man being forced to become a zombie.

Both of those actually happen really early in the game (I think the black man might even be the first zombie you fight). To me the scenes weren't really racist at all, they were just showing people getting infected.

Actually I would have to say that one of the most racist things in the game is when you're going through areas of tribal Africans. They wear the stereotypical tribal clothing and attack you with spears while you're mowing them down with guns. However they were infected and I had no problems killing them just like any other zombie.
It's not intent - because I do believe that Capcom isn't out to be racist - it's just that it uses imagery used previously in a far different content.

From what I understand, the game itself is about colonialism and the exploitation of Africa by white people... it's just the savage Other has been an image used to perpetuate racism for a long time.
I agree that some of the images in the game do have some racially charged histories, but hopefully everyone will be able to move past that (and I would imagine that everyone who has played it will) but I wouldn't be surprised if one of the 24/7 news networks makes a huge deal over RE5 to kill time.
Well, regardless of intent, I think it's still worthy of study or at least analysis. The "games are just games" argument is a huge disservice to the power of the medium and reduces a tremendous effort to a series of metaphorical dick jokes.
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