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Re: Peter David may (?) have killed Scans_Daily

He hates hit & runs too.

And this is kind of a hit & run post. I used to go often to scans_daily (maybe 3-4 times a month) to check up on what people are posting about, have a laugh at some of the genuinely funny stuff people found, ogle at the 'b00bs don't work that way' threads and so on and learn about the latest comics.

I rarely buy comics. I mostly read TPBs. And except for the rare buys, most of them are from the neighborhood library. However, scans_daily has exposed me to more of the things and made me aware of several comics "events" that I would otherwise have not been aware of.

And I enjoyed the (more culpable) detailed threads that took a particular character and gave a detailed writeup with scans on everything related to that. eg. I remember reading one about Ferdinand (a Wonder woman character) which was very detailed and well-researched. There's no way that I would have gotten that even if I bought those comics. I would have had to manually scan them and create individual stories myself using internal webpages or something.

And I liked having it. And I miss it.

Where has it moved to?
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