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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea (SPOILERS)

I still can't beleive I'm almost done with the book! Enjoyed it, and I also understand where you were going with Ree.
Riker and Lavena - no problem there, their actions fit the characters and the circumstances I think.
It was interesting seeing Melora and Xin have their problems and finally find a way to resolve their differences.
Hoping to see more of Cethente, it has a very unique perspective.
I think it would be nice if T'Pel and Tuvok did adopt an orphan at some point, A non-Vulcan, that could be really interesting. After the scene with Noah I wonder even more what that would be like.
While I know a bit more about ocean pressure and bathyplankton than I wanted to, I didn't mind the technobabble too much. I like learning about Droplet with the crew. Though having Vale glare at Melora twice in one briefing made me laugh, imagining the scene.
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