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Re: 24 - Day 7: 9:00PM - 10:00PM - Discussion and Spoilers

I gave this one an Excellent. To me, this really felt like a vintage 24 episode, complete with shockers and an awesome Bauer move. I loved his interactions with the Senator and was worried the guy was going to turn on him, so I was surprised--and sad--when the assassin guy shot him. I totally thought that was the real police! Nicely done.

Jack with the bulldozer was awesome. Totally made me do a fist pump!

I like Renee a lot, and I like that she believes in Jack and knows something is up. I hope Larry will come around, too. I like him.

It was awesome to see Morris, and though I know why Chloe is mad at him, he's got a point about what he did being for them and their family.
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