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Transformers: Animated returns

I don't know how many people were watching Transformers: Animated, but it returned for a third season on saturday with a special movie-length episode called "Transwarped" (really just the first three episodes stuck together).

It picked up straight after the cliff-hanger from the end of Season 2 ("A Bridge Too Close") and I was very impressed. It was the right combination of action-packed and plot-driven. The tone is kept consistently light, but there are some deeper moments, often in flashbacks to the great war and the characters continue to evolve - some literally.

And if you're a G1 fan and you like G1 homages - oh my - there's a raft of them in this, and even same homages to non-G1 characters, which is a rarity. (Hot Shot gets a cameo).

I won't go through the plot unless it turns out that people have seen it, for fear of spoilers, but, if you like Transformers at all, its well worth checking out.
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