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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Projections (****)

This is a great episode which almost earned itself an extra half a star, but then they did the cliché of pretending The Doctor was out of the holodeck only for him to really still be inside it. Shock! A holodeck malfunction episode is a cliché enough as is, you don't need to add more on top of it.

Other than that the only other complaints I have about this episode are minor such as Barclay's involvement with designing the EMH when he should have been onboard the E-D, or how Janeway said it would take her half an hour to make it from the bridge to the mess hall when it is only down one deck. It's a small ship Katheryn, it shouldn't take you half an hour to get anywhere from anywhere. However, these are minor and didn't really diminish the viewing experience.

It would have been five stars with one minor change; I would have had The Doctor pull out a phaser and attempt to destroy the warp core right before they managed to get the program shut down. It would have shown that in his heart he wanted to be human and was willing to risk his existence for that opportunity. Having him "dying" on the floor seemed like a cop-out so he wouldn't have to make that choice.
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